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I came to find NLP at a time in my life where I was unsure on how to actualize my goals in life. Before attending the NLP curriculum, I had no former education/ training in communication. Many times in my life I struggled navigating conversation with people, and at times I had found myself in situations that I did not feel comfortable with. When I came across the Neuro Fitness Institute and and learned what NLP is, I knew this is the place for me. I quickly began the next basic level NLP certification weeks later, which is where I met Jake Ralston.

The NLP course was reminiscent of learning a second language, and quickly highlighted many of my weaknesses. The instructors would bring to my awareness the “virus” language that I was using and how it was causing conflict in my life. I quickly began to police my language, understanding through NLP that language shapes our behaviors. Jake was a great asset to the teaching cadre, offering a different approach, unique to himself. For me Jake was a very kind, and patient instructor that helped develop my skills in using NLP principles in my communication. Jakes disarming nature paired well with my personality, and he can be compared to Richard Bandler. I highly recommend NLP to anyone who is looking to add more value in their life through clear communication.


Dr. Gary approached me one day and asked me if I would be interested in attending his small private class taught by himself and Jake Ralston and learn NLP and to possibly become an NLP Master Practitioner. After some thought I took a huge personal step forward and made the commitment to attend.

Before attending the class we were emailed our class books to print on our own and bind. I read through the first few chapters and I remember thinking this stuff makes no sense, jezz what have I gotten myself into. I am not the kind of person to not follow through on my commitment so I accepted the challenge and off to class I went The course was at a private office and our class was small with only 6 students. All of the people attending were as intrigued as I was to know more about NLP. I remember the first day that Jake started the class he told all of us that the material and its concepts may seem difficult to grasp at times however if we all trust that as the class progresses it will all come together and you will be amazed at how much you have learned and know NLP. Jakes level of commitment to the class and its students went above and beyond anything I expected. We met in between classes at our homes for study groups so we could practice what we had learned and reinforce and hone our skills. If you commit to taking learning NLP I can’t impress upon you enough the importance of continually going back in your book and reread what you have learned, study and also do as many study groups as you can.

While I was about ¾ of the way through the class I worked with my niece who wanted to stop smoking. I studied the techniques I was going to use with her and fine-tuned them in my head and wrote up a game plan prior to that day. I worked with her for less than an hour and after our single session she quit smoking cold turkey and stopped that day and didn’t look back. She told me she lost all of the urges to smoke after that day. The feeling of helping someone change their life forever for the better was an amazing feeling for me as well.

The things I learned are truly amazing and attending this class has changed the course of my life forever in a hugely positive way and yes I graduated as an NLP Master Practitioner.

Much thanks to Jake and Dr. Gary

Rob F.