Inspired to help my father overcome PTSD and depression, in 2009 I began deep study in Neuro Linguistic Programing aka NLP. As I became familiar with the basics of NLP I practiced with my father and we had incredible results nearly eliminating nightmares and creating regular sleep patterns. This early success lit a spark in me to really learn and understand NLP and how to use it. Upon earning my NLP Master Practitioner Certification in 2010, I decided to continue my education and I returned to NLP class to reinforce what I learned. Countless weekends I went back to class, so much so that I became the primary instructor in 2014.

NLP in large part is derived from the hypnotic language patterns of Dr. Milton Erickson and the basic communication of the subconscious. Hypnotherapy was the next natural step for me to grow and be of service people. I earned my Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification and launched my practice in 2016. I've helped people overcome pain and create health in their life. working with me, people find easy ways make positive changes in their life and transform limitations into motivation. Hypnotherapy and NLP have also proven effective as an easy way for a person to find their best! Athletes, students, executives and the like have worked with me to perform at the top of their game.


My goal is to deliver a training that is as close to the original ideas, concepts, and materials of NLP training as I know how.


What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a natural state of focused awareness in which a person can easily communicate with one’s subconscious.

Why is that important?

Along with controlling and regulating the body’s involuntary functions, the subconscious has several operations. The subconscious is the realm of our imaginations and emotion. This is also the place that serves as our memory vault. The subconscious mind is what rules our habitual conduct and acts as a power station that directs our energy and motivation. With hypnosis a person can deliver a specific set of well-formed instructions to the subconscious, get feedback, and reconcile road blocks in the way of having what you want.

My Approach

My Style

Hypnotherapy is a shared experience, my job is to guide you to a state in which you can observe and control the content that will help you learn, and best rally the functions of the subconscious mind to achieve a well-formed goal or desired behavior.

My Inspiration

“In any work, you are going to use words to influence the psychological life of an individual today; you are going to use words to influence his organic life today; you are also going to influence his psychological and organic life twenty years from now. So you had better know what you are saying. You had better be willing to reflect upon the words you use, to wonder what their meanings are, and to seek out and understand their many associations.”

~ Milton Erickson